Information on Becoming an Election Worker

WHAT is Required?

  • Be a registered voter in Sumter County
  • During Early Voting – Must be available from 8:30 am to approximately 6:30 pm   (Note: Polls are open from 9 am-6 pm)
  • On Election Day - Must be available from 5:45 am until work is completed after the closing of the precincts at 7:00 pm  (Note: Precincts are open from 7 am-7 pm)
  • Be able to lift 20-30 lbs. of equipment  
  • Be able to read and write English
  • Be 18 years of age
  • Have a valid email address (This is the preferred primary method of contact.)

WHAT will my Responsibilities Be?

  • Report to your assigned locations, at the required times (refer to What is Required section above)
  • Prepare the precinct for voting
  • Set up voting equipment 
  • Greet the voters. verify their registration, and provide them with the appropriate ballot
  • Be able to deal with the public in a courteous, patient, and efficient manner
  • At the end of the day, close the precinct and prepare election materials for delivery to the Sumter County Supervisor of Elections
  • Wear comfortable and proper attire

HOW do I Apply?

  • The forms are located on our website on the Forms page
  • Select the Election Worker Applications Button and complete the online Application (New Workers Only)
  • Then Select the Election Worker Availability Button and complete the online Form 
  • Be sure to Submit each form

WHAT Happens Next?

After completing the application you will be contacted via email by our Election Worker Coordinators with upcoming events regarding Election Workers. 


Job Description & Pay Info

  • CLERK (Pay $250):  Election Day Precinct  Manager - completes any required paperwork – pickup and drop off election supplies

  • ASSISTANT CLERK (Pay $200):  Assists the Clerk with their duties

  • BALLOT INSPECTOR (Pay $180):  Responsible for issuing the ballot to each voter, and for ballot reconciliation

  • VOTING SYSTEM SPECIALIST (Salary $180): Responsible for overseeing the set-up, opening, closing, and dismantling of the Voting equipment

  • BALLOT PROCESSOR (Pay $180):  Responsible for retrieving the EVID tickets from voters and assisting them with inserting their ballots into the digital scanner  

  • EVID INSPECTOR (Pay $180):  Checks the voter into the precinct by verifying signature and photo I.D.

  • DEPUTY (Pay $180):  Responsible for maintaining order at the polling place along with the Precinct Clerk, monitors the “no solicitation”  150 ft. area of the precinct, and assist voters when needed

  • SUPPORT TECHS (Pay $275):  Trained to assist assigned precinct with any voting system equipment problems

  • PHONE BANK OPERATOR (Salary $180): Assist Supervisor of Elections staff with telephone communications

  • ALTERNATES (Pay $40.00): Alternates train for any of the above position(s) and are placed in a Pool of Alternate workers to be called on Election Day and /or Early Voting, if someone can not fulfill their obligations


    • Clerk and Support Tech  $12.00 per hour

    • All Other Positions $10.00 per hour


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I work at the same  precinct as my  spouse?

   Yes. We do everything to make sure you stay together. 

Can I work at my own precinct? 

   The Coordinator will try to assign you to work in your precinct, however, it is possible you could be at a different location based on the needs of the county.

Can I go home for lunch or run an errand during the work day?

   NO. All Election workers are required to remain at their assigned location for the duration of the work day.  Election Workers are advised to bring all  necessary food and snacks they will need throughout the day with them to the Polling Location.

Is Training Provided?

  • Yes, The Supervisor of Elections office provides digital online and “hands on” training to Election Workers prior to each election cycle. 


  • Pursuant to Florida Statute Section 102.014, Election Workers are required to complete specialized training based on their assigned Election Worker position and training to be able to accommodate the needs of voters during Election Season. 

Additional Information

  • Not all election workers work every election. 

  • The number of election workers for each election is determined by the size of the election and the expected turnout. 

  • Make sure to fill out the Availability form, so we know when you are available to work.

  • Election workers are chosen to work a specific election by their availability, willingness to travel, and the number of workers needed.

  • Your name will remain in the Election Worker Pool  until you request that it be removed.