Protected Information and Addresses

Under Florida law, voter registration information and records are considered public record (except for certain information that may appear on a voter registration application or record that cannot be publicly disclosed). Refer to Florida Statute Section 97.0585.  

For more information, please visit the Voter Information as a Public Record section of the Florida Division of Elections website.

HOWEVER, those individuals who meet the criteria as listed in Section 119.071(4) of Florida Public Records Law (Specified Personnel) may request to be exempt, as follows.  

  • Certain records of specified personnel are exempt from public records law and are not subject to disclosure except for official agency business.
  • For specified personnel, information considered confidential includes home address, telephone number, social security number, and photographs. 
  • These items are also confidential for the spouses and children of such specified personnel. 
  • If the specified personnel is a voter registration applicant or voter, the person’s signature may be viewed but is exempt from copying as provided in Section 97.0585, Florida Statutes.


If you meet the criteria for specified personnel, under Section 119.07(4), Florida Statutes, and qualify for protection under this law, you can print, complete, and submit an Exemption from Public Records Request Form either by mail or in-person to the Sumter County Supervisor of Elections. 7375 Powell Road, Suite 125, Wildwood, FL  34785.