WHY did you receive a Postcard from this office?

The Sumter County Supervisor of Elections Office is statutorily required to send these notices as part of a mandatory, comprehensive list maintenance program.  

The objective of the list maintenance program is to maintain accurate and current voter rolls.

HOW can you respond?

If you have received a postcard from our office use one of the options below to respond:

Option 1:  You can complete the postcard and mail it back to our office, OR

Option 2:  You can click on the postcard below to complete our Online Notice Reply Form to respond.  

NOTE:  If you use Option 2 you will not have to mail back the postcard you received.

WHAT if I no longer live in Florida?

If you no longer claim Florida as your state of legal residence for voting purposes:

You will need to complete the postcard you received, making sure to check the box that states your legal address has changed to an address outside of Florida, SIGN and return it to our office.  (YOUR SIGNATURE IS REQUIRED in order to cancel your Florida Voter Registration)

WHAT if I need to make an additional change that isn't on this postcard? 

For information on how to make other types of changes please refer to the State of Florida Voter Guide

Change Notice

yellow card Address Change Notice


White Address Confirmation Request

Final Notice

Green Address Confirmation Final Notice