• The Florida Commission On Ethics Requires Persons Holding Governmental Positions To File A Financial Disclosure Annually, and also as a part of the Candidate Qualifying Process during an Election Cycle. [See Sections 112.3144 and 112.3145, Florida Statutes]

  • The Ethics Commission Receives The Name Of Said Individuals From The Coordinators, Who Have Been Designated, From Each State, County And Local Government Agency.

  • Each Year Our Office Is Directed To Notify Form 1 Filers Of The Required Filing Of The Financial Disclosure Form. The Required Form Is Determined By The Office Or Position Held.


   Click the below hyperlink to open and download the form. 

  • Form 1 - Statement of Financial Interests, Filed by Special District Candidates, City Candidates, as well as other governmental positions 
    • Video Tutorial on how to complete a Form 1, provided by the Florida Commission on Ethics
  • Form 1F - Has to be filed within 60 days of leaving public office or employment
  • Form 6 - Full and Public Financial Disclosure, Filed by County Candidates (Including Commissioners, Constitutional Officers, School Board and Judicial) This form is usually filed directly with the Florida Commission on Ethics (unless it is during the year the office is up for election.)
    • Video Tutorial on how to complete a Form 6, provided by the Florida Commission on Ethics


  • You can find information about financial disclosure in the Commission on Ethics information web page.
  • Contact the Florida Commission on Ethics at (850) 488-7864 for questions regarding what information to disclose on your financial form or to determine if you are required to file and/or review the detailed instructions attached to the form.   
  • Local officers or employees who are required to file the Form 1 and are permanently residing in Sumter County can submit their Form 1 Statement of Financial Interests in one of two (2) different formats, according to the new procedures listed on page 2 of the Filing Instructions, as follows:
  1. The original can be mailed to:
    Sumter County Supervisor of Elections Office
    7375 Powell Road, Suite 125
    Wildwood, FL 34785
  2. OR An electronic document, with signature, can be sent via email addressed to 
  • For additional information please contact our office at (352) 569-1540 (Select (1) for Directory, then (2) for Candidates).