Vote By Mail Information


WHO can request?

  • Any qualified, registered voter can request a vote-by-mail ballot.

  • Vote-by-mail ballots can be requested by the voter, a member of their immediate family or a legal guardian on their behalf (Florida Statute 101.62)

HOW to request?

Uniformed Services Members & Overseas Citizens (UOCAVA)

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Who Can Pick Up My Ballot?

  • A voter has the option to pick up his or her own vote-by-mail ballot (please contact our office for available pickup dates for each election).
  • Beginning on the 9th day before an election - A voter may designate in writing another person to pick up his or her ballot (as long as there is a vote-by-mail request on file for said voter.  If there isn't a request on file, the voter can request a vote-by-mail ballot for said election.)
  • A designee may only pick up ballots for up to two (2) voters per election (this does not include his or her own ballot or immediate family members).  
  • The designee must provide the following:
    • photo identification, 
    • written authorization from the voter, and 
    • a completed Affidavit to Pick-Up Vote-by-Mail Ballot for a Voter (English PDFEspañol PDF). 
  • If the ballot is picked up on Election Day, the Election Day Vote-by-Mail Ballot Delivery Affidavit (English PDFEspañol PDF) must also be completed by the voter or designee to affirm that he or she has an emergency keeping them from being able to vote at his or her assigned voting location. 

Look Up Your Info

Pursuant to Florida Statute 101.62(1)(c) you may obtain updated information regarding your vote-by-mail ballot request by going to the Free Access Voter Lookup Page to ......

  • Check your vote-by-mail address

  • Track the Status of your request

  • Review where your ballot is being mailed

  • See when your ballot is mailed

  • See when your ballot is received by the Supervisor of Elections Office

Helpful Info & Links

  • No excuse is needed to request a vote-by-mail, except on Election Day. (Florida Statute 101.62(4)(c)5

  • The Voter can request a vote by mail ballot of one election, several elections, or all elections in which voter is eligible to vote, through two elections cycles. 

  • If ballot is requested to be mailed to an address other than one on file, a signed written request must be submitted, unless voter is an absent uniformed services or overseas voter.

  • PLEASE make sure to double check your vote-by-mail address to help ensure your ballot is delivered to the correct address.

Florida Voter Guide English

Florida Voter Guide Spanish

Florida FAQ for Vote By Mail