Updating Your Voter Registration Information

As a Voter: 

  • It is your responsibility to ensure your registration is current and up-to-date with your county supervisor of elections office.
  • You are encouraged to update your registration prior to each election to ensure a smooth and positive voting experience. 
  • You are encouraged to use our online Voter Registration Status Tool to look up and confirm your voter registration information is accurate and up-to-date. 
  • You can make changes/updates to your record by completing and submitting a Florida Voter Registration Application online, in person, or by mail.


For additional information, please refer to the State Voter Guide.


All registered voters in the state of Florida can update their voter registration record at any time, except for a political party change for a primary election. 

CHANGING YOUR PARTY - The deadline to change your party is 29 days before a Primary Election (this is called Book Closing).  If the request is made after the deadline, the change will not take effect until after the election. PARTY CHANGES CANNOT BE MADE AT THE POLLS.

REGISTERING TO VOTE - The deadline to register to vote for an upcoming election is 29 days before the election (this is called Book Closing).

Changing Your Party

The deadline to submit a party change is 29 days before a primary election (this is called book closing). PARTY CHANGES CANNOT BE MADE AT THE POLLS. For a general election, a party change can be made at any time. 

A voter can declare or change his or her party affiliation by submitting a Florida Voter Registration Application.

Florida is a Closed Primary State. Please visit the Florida Closed Primary web page for additional information.

For information on Florida's major and minor political parties, please visit the Florida Division of Election's Political Party Information website


Requesting a Replacement Card

How Do I Order a Replacement Voter Information Card?
Voter Information Cards are issued to all newly registered voters within ten days of registering.  Replacement voter information cards are automatically mailed to any voter who makes a change to their voter registration record within ten days of processing.

If you lose or misplace your voter information card and would like to order a replacement card to be sent to you, submit a Florida Voter Registration Application or a signed, written request.

Voter information cards are used for informational purposes only and are not required to vote.

Address Change

The residential address on your voter registration determines where you must vote on Election Day. To ensure a smooth and positive voting experience, it is important that you update your voter registration with your new address prior to each election. 

Changes to your residential address within the State of Florida as well as your mailing address can be made: 

Online:  Online Voter Registration 

By Phone: 352-569-1540

By Email: electioninfo@sumtercountyfl.gov (must include voter's date of birth, Florida driver's license number, and last four of the social security number)

In Person : At our Wildwood or Bushnell locations (see address at the bottom of this page)

In Writing:  Submit a signed, written request by:

          Fax:  352-569-1541
Mail: 7375 Powell Rd., Suite 125
                   Wildwood, FL 34785

If your new residential address is out of the State of Florida, you will need to register to vote in your new state. To be removed from the voter registration rolls in the State of Florida, please submit a request for removal on our Request to be Removed from Voter Rolls web page.

Signature Update

Why update your signature? A person’s signature can change for many reasons, including change of name, or due to certain physical factors such as age, illness or other impairments which can affect how one signs his or her name. As a voter, it is important to check your signature on record periodically in the event your signature has changed. 

(If your signature or identifying mark has changed, please update your signature using a Voter Registration Application)

What is your signature used for? A voter’s signature is compared against their record to verify and count petitions, Vote-by-Mail ballots, and provisional ballots. If the signature provided does not match what we have on record, the ballot or petition may not be counted. 

How to update your signature? It is recommended that you submit a Florida Voter Registration Application to update your signature or identifying mark. Please visit our How To Register to Vote page for instructions on how to submit an application By Mail or In Person.

NOTE: If returning a vote by mail ballot, a voter may update their signature up until the day our office receives their ballot.

Name Change

If your name changes by marriage or other legal processes, please notify us of this change by submitting a Florida Voter Registration Application.