Information About Adopt-A-Precinct

The Adopt-A-Precinct Program provides the opportunity for clubs and charities to raise funds to support their fundraising goals, while supporting the election process.  This Program cultivates partnerships with our local businesses, community service organizations and other local entities to provide the voters of our county the best election experience possible.

WHAT are the Benefits?

  • It is an excellent way to raise funds for your organization or charity to help reach your goals and objectives.
  • It provides an opportunity to be involved in the election process.
  • It creates new friendships and connections with the community.
  • It helps others in the community.

WHAT are the Requirements?

  • Must be a 501c3 (Non-Profit) Organization or Club - OR - must be an approved organization that will commit to donating to a non-profit organization.
  • Have at least 9-13 people in your group that are willing to donate their time and are committed through the whole election cycle AND who meet the eligibility requirements and responsibilities that are listed on the Election Worker Web Page. 
  • Have a designated contact person that is available for receiving and disseminating all communications with the elections office.

HOW do I get more Information?

Contact us by phone 352-569-1540 or via email at

WHAT Happens Next?

When you are ready to proceed, complete our online application form to begin the process.  After completing the application you will be contacted by our staff with additional information and instructions. 



Job Descriptions

  • CLERK:  Election Day Precinct  Manager - completes any required paperwork – pickup and drop off election supplies.  This position is usually provided by the Elections Office.

  • ASSISTANT CLERK:  Assists the Clerk with their duties

  • BALLOT INSPECTOR:  Responsible for issuing the ballot to each voter, and for ballot reconciliation

  • VOTING SYSTEM SPECIALIST: Responsible for overseeing the set-up, opening, closing, and dismantling of the Voting equipment

  • BALLOT PROCESSOR:  Responsible for retrieving the EVID tickets from voters and assisting them with inserting their ballots into the digital scanner  

  • EViD INSPECTOR:  Checks the voter into the precinct by verifying signature and photo I.D.

  • DEPUTY:  Responsible for maintaining order at the polling place along with the Precinct Clerk, monitors the “no solicitation” 150 ft. area of the precinct, and assist voters when needed

  • SUPPORT TECHS:  Trained to assist assigned precinct with any voting system equipment problems.  This position is usually provided by the Elections Office.

  • PHONE BANK OPERATOR: Assist Supervisor of Elections staff with telephone communications

  • ALTERNATES: Alternates complete training for any of the above position(s) and will be on-call and prepared to fill a position in case of an emergency or no show.  Alternates are essential to helping the election process run smoothly.

Frequently Asked Questions

how much money can our organization earn?

  You can potentially earn up to $2,200 per Precinct Adopted  (this amount includes the time spent in training)

Can we adopt the phone bank? 

   Yes.  Adopting the Phone Bank can potentially earn up to $1,500 and only requires 10 workers (8 main workers, with 2 alternates)

what if some of our workers back out?

   Your team leader is responsible to contact alternate worker(s).  This procedure will be reviewed with your group during training.

Is Training Provided?

  • Yes, The Supervisor of Elections office provides training to Election Workers at our Bushnell Annex Location prior to each election. 


  • Pursuant to Florida Statute Section 102.014, Election Workers are required to complete specialized training based on their assigned Election Worker position and training to be able to accommodate the needs of voters during Election Season.